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    Hello guys,

    today I saw something new, sad and strange and decided to write a blog post abut it.

    But first of all the news: The publication date from Happily Ever After changed. It is not the October 6 anymore but one week later. I looked everywhere: Amazon, Play Store, Barnes and Noble and iTunes and it was always the same. So as you might know these are the sad news. We have to wait longer

    Now the strange one: If you buy the Kindle version of Happily Ever After on Amazon you can get it the October 8! You don't have to wait a week and just two days. I don't know why the date is different but I hope that it does not change anymore.

    Now the new one but I have to say that these information is not verified yet. So it can be wrong. On iTunes I fou…

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    so, I think most of the people have read The Heir once. I am reading nothing else.

    But did we really read everything of The Heir? NO! There is a small bonus scene in the philippine edition we haven't read. (Forgive me the Asterix quote)

    After the release this week I searched and searched it on tumblr and finally found it!

    Here it is: The Heir bonus scene and what do you think of it?

    A letter from Ahren

    Dearest Camille,

    My sweet girl, I miss you. I have the new picture of you framed by my bed, and I fall asleep each night looking at your smile and wishing I could see it in person. I tell myself that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but honestly, I’m not sure my fondness for you has much room to grow. Could I love your grace and sweetnes…

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    Hey guys,

    The Heir was just released yesterday and we maybe read the book now a few times. I do nothing else... ;)

    But others have not read the book yet because they have no copy yet or they are slow readers and have many things to do besides reading.

    We can not spoiler them so much. So, I thought that we can talk about everything that could be a spoiler alarm here. No one who accidentally get on this page can find out what happens in the book unless they want to and find this blog post. ;) In the first days after the release it could be useful ;)

    So let's start!

    What do you think about The Heir? Is it good that this story is going on?

    What do you think of Eadlyn? About the other characters?

    Who is your favorite suitor? Your favorite scene? Your …

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    Hello guys,

    after reading today that The Heir will have a bonus scene like The One and I won't be able to read it because I live in Europe and Barnes & Noble only sell in the USA I looked after the bonus scene of The One. Some people on tumblr were very nice and posted it some months ago.

    I don't know if you read it yet and I believe it is the real bonus scene, I will post it in this blog post.

    Happy Reading!! :)

    PS: All rights are Kiera's

    The One (Bonus Scene)

    “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?” I whispered to Aspen, my words barely audible over the hum of the airplane. Suddenly he’d become this unattainable thing again. I could list the ages and quirks of all his siblings, tell the story behind the long scar on his arm, and explain in detail how badly he mis…

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  • Miliko207

    Kaden and Osten Schreave

    January 11, 2015 by Miliko207

    Hey guys,

    because I read it so often, I thought to create a blog post here for information.

    The question: Where can I find the info about Kaden and Osten Schreave?

    It's basically easy and cheap. I don't know which way you prefer but I used the Play Store. Unter the tag books with author Kiera Cass you find The Selection Series Sampler. This sampler has excerpts from Selection/Elite and One. Boring cause we read it already. BUT this sampler includes the first two chapters of The Heir! Not that boring anymore.

    The best: You can get it for free!

    If there are still questions, feel free to ask me ;)

    Here you can get the sampler:

    • amazon
    • Google Play Store
    • Harper Collins
    • epicreads
    • barnes and noble

    !!! I read that sometimes you do not have the sneak peak of The…

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