• Loveableheart

    Has anyone heard of the YALLFest? 

    It's this fun even in Charleston, South Carolina. They feature authors and have fun events! 

    Anyway, Kiera Cass was there last year, and she's going to be there this year, according to the YALLFest website an their roster of authors!

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  • Loveableheart

    This is a spot where you can guess about what YOU think will happen in the fifth book! You can base it on past books or just think up something! 

    WARNING: Spoilers!

    What do you think will happen? Will new rebels come back? Who will Eadlyn marry? What will happen with America?

    And, what about the title for the fifth book? The color scheme? Will it be green, yellow, orange, or another color?

    I really hope the title and cover come out soon, along with a description!

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  • Loveableheart

    My thought: I think I know who Eadlyn will end up with, but at the same time, we didn't really know in the original three novels!

    Our reamining suitors that have gottent the most attention:

    • Kile Woodwork
    • Henri Jaakoppi
    • Fox Wesley
    • Hale Garner
    • Ean Cabel

    And, Erik. 

    I know that there are a lot of supporters for Kile, Henri, and Erik. 

    Who will she end up with?

    I feel like it will be Erik. I also sort of want it to be because it wouldn't be that expected. 


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