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The Selection Series is a series of dystopian/romance young adult novels by author Kiera Cass, following the journey of America Singer, a young girl who is entered in a competition (referred to as The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor, minus the bloodsport) to be the next princess of a country called Illéa - and Prince Maxon's wife. However, this means leaving her family and secret boyfriend behind. She is stuck between two worlds, and realizes that life as one of the thirty-five girls is not what she expected.

The Selection was a potential television series that would have aired on The CW, but it was not picked up.

Books Edit

America's story

​Eadlyn's story

  • The Heir (May 5, 2015)
  • The Selection: Book 5 (Title and release date to be announced.)

Novellas Edit


  • The font for The Selection Series in all covers is Yana

Book CoversEdit

Novella CoversEdit


THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass -- Official Book Trailer-100:41

THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass -- Official Book Trailer-1

THE ONE -- Official Book Trailer01:13

THE ONE -- Official Book Trailer

The One Trailer

THE HEIR by Kiera Cass—Cover Reveal Video00:57

THE HEIR by Kiera Cass—Cover Reveal Video

The Heir Cover Release Video

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