Mrs. Ambers is Kriss Amber's mother and Mr. Ambers's wife. Kriss was a competitor in Prince Maxon's Selection as well as one of the final Two Elite after Maxon selected her and America Singer. She appeared briefly in The Elite during the Halloween party, and in The One, during a tea event.

Trivia Edit

  • She and her husband are both professors. Kriss became a Math professor in the local university in Columbia. Elliot Piaria, her son-in-law, is also a botanist professor, in the same university as Kriss.
  • Kriss said that she begged her parents for a sibling for years when she wanted a sibling, but they refused.
  • Mrs. Ambers was one of two guests that Kriss had brought to a tea event in The One.
  • Although her daughter is a Northern Rebel, it is unknown if she is one, too.

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