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Marlee Woodwork

Marlee Tames Info Photo
Full Name Marlee Woodwork
Alias Mallory
Gender Female
Age 17 (in The Selection, The Elite and The One)
19 (in The One 's extra epilogue)
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Carter Woodwork
Family Kile (son)
Mr. Tames (father)
Mrs. Tames (mother)
Occupation Farmer (formerly)
Selection competitor (formerly)
Palace maid (formerly)
Attendant of the Queen (currently)
Province Angeles
Caste Two (formerly a Four, Three, Eight and Six)

Marlee Woodwork (née Tames), also known as Mallory, is a supporting character in The Selection Series. She was a Four chosen for the Selection and quickly became America Singer's best friend. She was also one of the Six Elites.


Marlee was schooled by tutors along with a group of other girls who were Fours in her hometown, and she was excited for the Selection.

Marlee first met America with Ashley as they were leaving for the palace. The two quickly became friends and got along fine. Despite being close friends, the two did keep secrets from each other. After Marlee's first date with Prince Maxon, Marlee lost interest in the prince, but didn't want to leave the Selection for an unknown reason.

However, America later discovered that Marlee was having an affair with a guard America had once bumped into, Carter Woodwork, at a public gathering for the couple to be caned. It turned out that this had been going on for a while and they ended up being caught undressing together the night of the Halloween Party. America attempted to free the two, but two guards took America to her room. A writer of a magazine wrote that America should have been punished for being "an accessory to treason" after trying to free the two, and America placed last on a poll for whom the public liked best.

Subsequently, Maxon took America to the princess's room and there America was reunited with Marlee, who became a maid in the kitchen. Marlee said that Carter was still healing from getting his back caned, but said he might be able to start working at the stables. After the caning, Maxon was afraid they would be hurt if they were left on their own, so he kept them secretly in the palace. Two other servants, a brother and sister who had family in Panama, were sent instead. Carter was growing out his beard and they were given new names (Marlee's new name was Mallory) so that no one will know the truth, except from some cooks, one nurse and Maxon. Marlee also explained that she and Carter got married, and they lived in a small one-room apartment. Before leaving, Marlee told America to not give up on winning the Selection.

In The One, Marlee appeared beside Anne to help treat America's shot wound in the arm. At the end of the book, Marlee became the only bridesmaid in America and Maxon's wedding, and she was restored with her husband to their caste as the attendants of the Royal Couple. This was a clear sign to the public of the way Maxon would reign and many people welcomed this change.


Marlee is very kind and genuinely nice. Because of her kindness, she was the public's favorite and wanted as princess. However, once she was caught having an affair with one of the guards, Marlee lost the public's interest and was kicked out of the Selection. She quickly became America's best friend and they spent a lot of time together while she was in the Selection. Although in the beginning they kept some secrets from each other, later they become the confidantes of each other, talking briefly even about their wedding night. Always happy and positive, she very rarely gets sad or upset and dislikes quarrels. Even during her canning and her life as a kitchen maid, she retained her dignity and devotion for Carter.


Marlee is described as beautiful, and has blond hair and brown eyes. Being so beautiful, America wanted Maxon to choose Marlee at the beginning of The Selection, because she thought Marlee would have made a beautiful and wonderful princess.


  • Marlee is the character with the most caste changes. She was born a Four, but after being chosen for the Selection, she became a Three. After committing treason to the royal family for having an affair, she was banished to become an Eight. However, Maxon pardons Marlee and her husband and has them become Sixes. Marlee worked in the kitchen palace as a maid for some time. In the end, she and her husband are restored to their caste and they become attendants of Maxon and America.

Meet MarleeEdit

The Selection Meet Marlee00:57

The Selection Meet Marlee

Meet Marlee! The Sweetheart of The Selection!

Meet Marlee! The sweetheart of the Selection!

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