Leeland Alberts is a supporting character in The Heir and The Crown. He was chosen for Princess Eadlyn's Selection.

Biography Edit

Leeland was known for being very upset after Princess Eadlyn eliminated a group of eleven. According to Hale Garner, "It thought he'd broken a bone or something. Took us nearly an hour to calm him down."

At Princess Eadlyn's Predinner Tea, Leeland was by himself "in a corner."

Later, at the Selection Variety Show, "Leeland sang," for his performance.

Features Edit

Leeland is brawny with jet black hair.

Trivia Edit

  • He is not afraid to show his emotions.
  • His interview on The Report ends with him crying after being asked how he would react to being sent home by Princess Eadlyn.
  • He ended up in tears when Eadlyn started eliminating other suitors the first time , scared that he would join them and get sent home.

Meet Leeland Edit

The Heir Meet the Selected Suitors Leeland Alberts02:02

The Heir Meet the Selected Suitors Leeland Alberts

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