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Kriss Ambers

Kriss Ambers Info
Full Name Kriss Ambers
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Family Mr. Ambers (father)
Mrs. Ambers (mother)
Occupation Selection competitor (formerly)
Northern rebel
Province Columbia
Caste Three

Kriss Ambers is a supporting character in The Selection Series. She was a Three chosen for the Selection. She was one of the Six Elites, the top two, and also a Northern rebel.


Kriss lived in Columbia prior to the Selection. She states that at one point she really wanted siblings and she would beg her parents for a sibling, but they refused to.

The Selection Edit

When Kriss met Maxon, he was surprised by her kindness and sweet nature after she forgot to curtsy and continued to ask him questions, instead of him asking her questions. Kriss is then the only other Selection girl to have her birthday at the Palace, which brings along a lavish party for her. During the party, Celeste became jealous of the attention towards her and spilled a red punch on Kriss's gown.

While Kriss was upset at first she got to spend time with Maxon while he helped her to get the drink stain off of her dress. Prince Maxon chooses her as one of his six Elite girls, because he thinks that Kriss makes a good Elite due to her kindness and that fact that he gets along with her well.

The Elite Edit

In The Elite, Kriss became particularly close to Prince Maxon after she gave him a card when he was upset, causing America Singer to become jealous over their close relationship for the most part. Despite this, she and America formed a friendship, although America remained envious of her and Maxon and how they liked each other.

During the Halloween dance Kriss coordinated costumes with Natalie as spring and fall. When Marlee and Carter Woodwork were caned Kriss was upset and repulsed like the other Elite girls when they sat front row. Later, she had to host the Italians along with America for their project for Silvia in which they did the best which won them approval on the project from Silvia.

When the Elite girls had to create a project that could become their future Queen project, Kriss chose teaching and education right away in which she stated that more education for the lowest castes would lower poverty.

The One Edit

It was later discovered by America that Kriss had entered the Selection with the intentions of the rebels' plans, but after Maxon and America fought, she grew closer to Maxon and fell in love with him.

Kriss and Maxon shared their first kiss together, after she refused to wait any longer.

Kriss was one of the final two Maxon chose to marry, but he told America he would marry her. However, Maxon and Kriss saw America close to Aspen in the hallway and Maxon realized that he was correct in his suspicion that America had been seeing Aspen and changed his mind into marrying Kriss out of anger and hurt.

During the engagement announcement, the Southern Rebels attacked and Kriss hid under a table as she cried and covered her ears until Aspen slapped her and she finally focused and left to safety with him.

Kriss attended America and Maxon's wedding, but America did say that Kriss seemed a bit sad.


Kriss seemed to be kind and not as manipulative as Celeste was. She was described as being lady like. Being a Three, Kriss came from a smart family and is intelligent. Before the Selection, Kriss would spend her time reading and learning how to become a teacher.


Kriss had brown hair and brown eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • Kriss was born before Halloween and after Prince Maxon's birthday (August 23rd) so her birthday is either in September or early October making her either a summer baby or a fall baby.
  • Kriss was in the Selection for the cause of the Northern Rebels, but neither Georgia nor August mentioned her to America or Maxon. However, this simply could have been to protect Kriss.
  • In her family it's tradition for the couples to kiss each other when they are already engaged. So, Kriss asked for Maxon to wait, but she refused to wait any longer in The One.
  • She was the first person of the Elites to see Maxon's room. Although, Maxon stated that it was a little bit impulsive of him.
  • In her family they make cards for each other when they want to cheer the other up.
  • As a Northern Rebel she is wearing a star as a necklace.

Meet KrissEdit

The Selection Meet Kriss00:52

The Selection Meet Kriss

Meet Kriss! The Sweetheart in the Selection!

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