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Kriss Ambers

Kriss Ambers Info
Full Name Kriss Ambers
Gender Female
Age 19
Family Mr. Ambers (father)
Mrs. Ambers (mother)
Occupation Selection Competitor (currently)
Province Columbia
Caste Three

Kriss Ambers is a supporting character in The Selection Series. She was a Three chosen for the Selection. She is also one of the Six Elites.


Kriss seems to be kind and not as manipulative as Celeste. Being a Three, Kriss comes from a smart family and is intelligent. Before the Selection, Kriss would spend her time reading and learning how to become a teacher.


Kriss lived in Columbia prior to the Selection. In The Elite, Kriss becomes particularly close to Prince Maxon, causing America Singer to become jealous. Despite this, she and America form a friendship, although America remains envious of her. Kriss does not seem to have any close friends in the Selection, though. 


America SingerEdit

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Being close to Maxon, America is jealous of Kriss, and remains envious of her throughout The Elite. After Marlee is kicked out of the Selection, America forms a friendship with Kriss, but doesn't feel as close to her as she did with Marlee.

Prince MaxonEdit

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Kriss seems to be deeply in love with Maxon and wants to win the Selection. However, Kriss is concerned that Maxon doesn't feel the same way about her, so she asks America to tell her if Maxon ever says he doesn't feel the same way about her. Maxon confesses to America that if America doesn't choose him, he'd choose Kriss because she is the people's favorite.


Kriss has brown hair and brown eyes.

Meet KrissEdit

Meet Kriss! The Smart Competitor in the Selection!
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