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While Clarkson Schreave was still a Prince he had a Selection in which Amberly Station of Honduragua won. They got married and they had one son named Maxon who survived out of the three when the Southern Rebels came. The novella The Queen took place during King Clarkson's Selection from the point of view of Amberly.

Summary Edit

At some point before the The Queen, Prince Clarkson had eliminated several girls from the Selection. He became aware that Amberly Station had head pain sometimes, and he was fond of Amberly's personality.

The Selected Girls Edit

The follow girls called "The Selected" were each brought to the Palace- one from each Province.

  1. Amberly Station from Honduragua, Four - The winner of Clarkson's Selection.
  2. Bianca, Three
  3. Clementine
  4. Cordaye
  5. Danica
  6. Gillian, Four
  7. Hendly, Five - Sent home with the first eight girls by Clarkson.
  8. Keller
  9. Kelsa
  10. Leigh
  11. Madeline, Three
  12. Martha
  13. Madison
  14. Marcy
  15. Maureen, Three
  16. Neema
  17. Nova, Two
  18. Pesha
  19. Piper
  20. Skye
  21. Tia - Was eliminated by Abby Schreave after a rumor that she slept with Clarkson.
  22. Uma, Two
  23. Unnamed Six - Sent home with the first eight girls by Clarkson.

6 Unnamed girls were sent home first alongside Hendly and the Six girl by Clarkson.

Another 7 or so Unnamed girls

Eliminated Group One Edit

Clarkson sent these Selected away from the Palace before "The Queen".

  1. Hendly, Five
  2. Unnamed Six

Another 6 Selected

Eliminated Group Two Edit

These Selected were eliminated later on during The Selection. Tia was first eliminated, and then later the other two were eliminated.

  1. Tia- eliminated by Abby Schreave
  2. Unnamed Girl
  3. Unnamed Girl

The Winner Edit

The winner of the Selection whom Prince Clarkson married.

Amberly Station from Honduragua, Four

Miscellaneous Group Edit

This group of girls was eliminated at some point, but it is not known when. Most or all of these girls were eliminated after the Rebel Attack, although when is not sure. Some may have been killed in the Rebel Attack.

  1. Bianca, Three
  2. Clementine
  3. Cordaye
  4. Danica
  5. Gillian, Four
  6. Keller
  7. Kelsa
  8. Leigh
  9. Madeline
  10. Madison
  11. Marcy
  12. Maureen, Three
  13. Neema
  14. Nova, Two
  15. Pesha
  16. Piper
  17. Skye
  18. Uma, Two

6 Unnamed Selected

Trivia Edit

  • During Maxon's Selection, the girls picked in the competition were above a Six. In The Queen, however, there was a Six competing, but Clarkson sent her home within the first two weeks.