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Kerttu Koskinen is the daughter of Eadlyn and Eikko Koskinen. She is also the princess and heir of Illéa. Kerttu is only shown in the bonus epilogue of the Barnes & Noble edition of The Crown.


Eadlyn says about her daughter that she has "met her match" in each of Eadlyn's brothers. She is "as charming as Ahren", "as precocious as Kaden", and "as impish as Osten".


  • "Kerttu" is the Finnish form of "Gertrude" and means "spear of strength."[1]
  • While in the Philippines Kiera Cass joked about the next generation and came up with "Gertrude, the nerdy princess." Since Kerttu's name is the Finnish form of "Gertrude," this suggests that Kerttu is the girl she was joking about.[2]
  • Pronounced "Care-two"


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