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Kaden Schreave is a supporting character in The Heir and The Crown. He is the second son of Maxon and America Schreave and a Prince of Illéa. He is the third of four children, his older siblings being Eadlyn and Ahren and his younger brother being Osten. Later, he marries Josie Woodwork.


During a breakfast with his family, he seemed to be quite sure of his knowledge. He is smart as well, and speaks his mind occasionally, like when he told Eadlyn about her attitude. He also likes sports.


Kaden is a mini version of his father and Ahren, with blond hair and brown eyes.[1]


  • "Like, what if a disease swept over all of Illéa, and you and Mom and Dad and Ahren got sick and died. Then I'd be in charge and have to figure out everything on my own." — Kaden Schreave to Eadlyn Schreave
  • "I speak more languages than you, and I'm learning all the things you have without anyone making me do it." — Kaden Schreave to Eadlyn Schreave
  • "See you in a bit, love." — Kaden Schreave to Josie Woodwork


  • Upon Eadlyn's suggestion that Kaden have his own selection, her mother said, "He's only fourteen."
  • Kaden can speak many languages and is excellent at fencing.
  • He is the best athlete in the family.
  • The name "Kaden" is a modern variation of the Irish surname "Caden" which comes from "Mac Cadáin" and means "son of Cadán."[2][3][4]
  • His names means "fighter."
  • Lucy helped him loose his first tooth while his parents were in New Asia.
  • Aspen taught him how to use a saber.
  • According to Eadlyn, Kerttu is as precocious as Kaden.


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