James Orders is a supporting character in The Selection Series.


James is Kenna's husband and America's brother-in-law. When America had to go to Illéa for the Selection, James went with Kenna to say good-bye to her, although America stated that the hug between them was awkward because they aren't that close.

In The One, James's wife gave birth to a daughter, whom they named Astra. He also appeared in the funeral of his father-in-law, with Kenna and their baby.

On America's wedding, James and Kenna are the first members of her family who walk down the aisle before the bride. He lives in a house near the palace with his family. The house was a gift from Maxon to America's family.

Later, Kenna gave birth to a son, Leo Orders.

In The Heir it is revealed that his wife died because of a cardiac problem.

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