Name France
Location Europe
Government Monarchy
Ruler(s) King of France (formerly)
Queen Of France
Queen Daphne
Unnamed Prince Consort of the Queen
Princess Camille
Inhabitants The French
Status Allies With Illéa and Trade Agreement

France is a country in Europe and an ally of Illéa. The capital and the palace are in Paris, but not much else is known about the country.

Currently, Daphne is the Queen of France. Her daughter Camille is heir to the throne.

Between Illéa and France exist a trade agreement which caused problems during The One.

Trivia Edit

  • Ahren Schreave, son of Maxon and America Schreave, and Princess Camille fell in love and married at the end of The Heir. So it is possible that Ahren one day will rule France next to Camille as her Prince Consort.

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