Danica was a supporting character that appeared in the novella The Queen as a member of the Selection during Queen Amberly's Selection along with King (then Prince) Clarkson. She was Amberly's best friend.

Biography Edit

Danica was friends with Amberly Station, Bianca, and Madeline. When she was sitting with Madeline and Amberly in the Women's Room, she noticed Amberly was in pain. Amberly had headache and excused herself.

After Queen Abby went on vacation, the threat to the Selected was diminished, so they talked and walked around as friends. They even traded some fashionabe things. Danica and Bianca traded shoes. Amberly and Danica talked about how Queen Abby was cruel to them. Danica realized that when it came to Prince Clarkson, Amberly was in love.

Personality Edit

Danica is very outspoken and observant.

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