Choosing Yesterday is a well-known band Illéa with many fans mentioned in The Heir. There are four members in the band. Among their fans are Josie Woodwork and, to a lesser degree, Queen Eadlyn Schreave.

Queen Eadlyn Schreave and Baden Trains play a Choosing Yesterday song in The Heir. The lyrics,as written in The Heir, are below:

Well she walks up in the room with that smile, smile, smile and those legs that go on for a mile, mile, mile! Eyes searching the room for a little fun! I can't look away from that face, face,face until she starts dancing to that bass,bass ,bass! I can't help it, that girl is number one! Oh, she can't be more than seventeen, but she's all grown up if you know what I mean. She's the prettiest thing that I've ever seen , yeah, she's my , -BAM BAM- she's my queen!

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