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No, I'm not choosing him or you. I'm choosing me.
—America to Aspen
America Singer

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Full Name America Singer
Gender Female
Age 17
Family Shalom Singer (father)
Magda Singer (mother)
Kota Singer (older brother)
Kenna Singer (older sister)
May Singer (younger sister)
Gerad Singer (younger brother)
James Orders (brother-in-law)
Astra Orders (niece)
Occupation Selection competitor
Singer (formerly)
Province Carolina
Caste Three (formerly a Five)

America Singer is the main character in The Selection Series. She was a Five chosen for the Selection. She is also one of the Six Elites.


America is the middle child of five children, her older siblings being Kenna and Kota, and her younger siblings being May and Gerad. She grew up living in the fifth caste in the province of Carolina. America found her trade in music being talented at singing, piano, violin and many other instruments.

When Kota moved out of the house America assisted him and got to know a boy better from the sixth caste named Aspen Leger. Starting on her fifteenth birthday, America and Aspen began dating and have dated for two years when Aspen encouraged her to enter the Selection. As a bribe for entering, America's mother allowed her to work alone and keep half of what ever she earned. After America tried to do something heartfelt for Aspen, he realized he could never spoil her and ended up breaking up with her, leaving her heartbroken. She gives him all her allowance money and pennies, and orders him to leave. When he leaves, America notices that one penny is stuck to the bottom of the jar.

After being chosen as one of the Selected, America sees Aspen with another girl, Brenna, who is a Six, when she is leaving for the palace and gets upset that he moved on so quickly. She had packed the jar with the one penny to bring with her.

At the palace, America is clearly not over Aspen, but tries to let go. While in her room, America begins to feel trapped and runs to the door that leads to the garden. However, the two guards that are stationed there don't allow her to proceed. Just as America is about to faint, Prince Maxon appears and orders the guards to let her go outside. Immediately after they open the doors, America runs outside and goes to sit on a bench. Maxon later finds her and talks to her, and the two become friends.

Eventually, America runs into Aspen, who had been drafted and is now a palace guard. Prince Maxon sees that Aspen and America know each other and assumes they are just friends, and not realizing Aspen is actually her ex, places Aspen to guard her room. Although they could both get into serious trouble if caught, America and Aspen both have secret meetings at the palace, when they can. America, however, is not sure whether to choose Aspen or Prince Maxon. Though, at the end of The Elite, she believes that she is leaving and tells Aspen that she needs time to get over the prince, because she wants Maxon more. America does not leave, however, and instead Natalie goes home because her sister was killed by rebels.

Maxon says that as long as America is on her best behavior, his father will allow her to stay. Maxon, however, tells America that, while she's had his heart from the beginning of the Selection, she does not have his trust. When America is confused, Maxon tells her that even though he's told her many secrets and defended her, America acts rashly, and Maxon needs her to have faith in him. After Maxon leaves her alone, America becomes determined to win the Selection.

The king then comes to give her a talk about how if she wins she would ruin centuries of work and that Maxon better not choose her. He adds not to mention this conversation to Maxon, or else. He then says good-bye and leaves, as if nothing happened.


Like her fiery red hair, America takes a rebellious attitude in concept. She tends to have a short temper, which she inherited from her mother. Despite saying she has no leadership skills, America isn't afraid to speak her mind. (Like when the palace was under rebel attack by the Southerners in The Selection, Silvia orders America's maids to bring food to the Selected, America, however, tells her that the girls can take care of themselves and orders Anne to provide food for the royal family.)

She is very stubborn and persistent at times, and may jump to conclusions a lot. She can also be hypocritical, but always apologizes if she is proven wrong. America's greatest fear when entering the Selection was losing her individuality, something the other Selected girls would even give up to take over the throne. Overall, America is a very courageous person that, at the end of the day, will always realize the mistakes she might have caused and will do anything to make things right.

She usually defends people who are mistreated when her stubbornness doesn't blind her from the truth. She doesn't hesitate to think that the modern caste system is absurd and unfair, as shown in The Elite. America had personally thought that she would never have had a shot in the competition, which is proven otherwise when her relationship with Prince Maxon grows. In addition, America is not the girly type, as at first she didn't react well when she had to wear a dress instead of her usual wear of pants, and even requested pants from the prince at the palace in a bet.


  • "Maxon Schreave is the epitome of all things good. He is going to be a phenomenal king. He lets girls who are supposed to be wearing dresses wear jeans and doesn't get mad when someone who doesn't know him clearly mislabels him... Whoever he marries will be a lucky girl. And whatever happens to me, I will be honored to be his subject." —America Singer to Gavril Fadaye about Prince Maxon
  • "...I hope you find someone you can't live without. I really do. And I hope you never have to know what it's like to have to try and live without them." —America Singer to Prince Maxon
  • "...True love is usually the most inconvenient kind." —America Singer to Prince Maxon
  • "It's you... I don't want to leave you." —America Singer to Prince Maxon


  • America was the former name of the country Illéa. Her mother had named her that, because she kicked and fought her way out of her mother, just like America did to fight off China.
  • Coincidentally, America's last name matches her previous job, a singer.
  • America's birthday is February 26.

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